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Alchemy Circle stage - Boomfestival 2016

Mix structure - Glulam beams - metal connectors - bamboo composite - rigging - Lycra cover

Custom made cnc metal connectors

Vigas Laminade - glulam timber beams

Earth anchoring - Manta ray system load for engineering

Connectors fixed on ballast with composite + treaded bar

Beams and connectors assembling

First lift up...

Timber brassing mounting

Vault octogonal ring setup + crane

Vault assembling with slings and rachet straps

A frames lift up + crane

Center pushup pole - center vault

Center vault + 2 A frames on place + rigging

Center vault rigging

Composite bamboo columns and slings rigging

Good loocking ballast...

First Lycra test

Pushup poles and Lycra fittings

Bass sound platform fill with compact sand

Ready for the show...


Ready for tyransport and storage.