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Orada - direct solar water pumping

Submersible pumping system PS2-150 HR-07 - drinking water for people and responsible leisure

Lorentz Etatrack 600 - 480Wp PV

Torque wrenches are the main tools for Etatrack mounting

Foundation with ready made concrete rings - center pole inside the concrete

Good attention on the motor and PV wiring -
mouvement of the tracker!

Etatrack controller + PV combiner

PV combiner + Midnite SPD protection

DC connection to the Controller and Pump -
PE pipe connection to well

PS2-150 HR-07 submersible pump controller

Controller wiring

PS2-150 HR-07 pump + stilling tube

3 phase wiring - respect of phase for motor rotation

Splice kit - insulated and waterproof

PS2 controller + Bluetooth scanning

Pump datas reading

Close well

54000L deposit at TDH 33m.