Balance in Nature Lda

It's a young company working in the field of design and installation of renewable energy equipment, alternative building, supply and assembling of carpentry work. It's based in the beautiful region of Beira Baixa, in Idanha-a-Nova. 


Professional and responsive

I come from a 12 years of general construction background in Belgium.

Have been working since 2002 as Divineflower with Good Mood Production and Boomfestival : designing, manufacturing, assembing and disassembing structures for the event. 
We started to apply smaller "Off the Grid" projects into the festival since 2004, such as providing electricity with Photovoltaic energy to the Main Production and direct solar water pumping for the garden irrigation.

Through all these years we made several stand-alone projects in the renewable energy field, gaining experience and refining the knowhow to develop and manage custom designs.


"The Source"

The Source offer us the means to freely generate our own clean energy resources, needed for self transformation into this technological time.
All of us should understand the potential of using renewable energies in the process of Mastering the Self.



We are committed to support the movement towards autonomous communities and sustainability.
We want to serve by increasing the production of clean electricity in the world from solar irradiation, water and wind by employing the latest technologies.
We are also involved in building houses, workshops, shelters, tiny houses, all based on alternative building technics.
Finally, we want to share knowledge and professional practice on an open source as much as possible.

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